Do it yourself Freedom to create engaging videos online

VSPAGY's online video creation tool gives you the ease to create videos for your business in minutes with zero prior experience. You can also add personalization and interactivity using our simple-to-use tools.

Choose template or start from scratch

Pick any template from our list of slick video templates and modify as needed. You can also start from a blank canvas and build your video the way you prefer it.

You need no special equipment or video expertise to create your own videos. VSPAGY's video editor has plenty of easy-to-go features which help in hassle-free video making.

Easy to use online tools like resize, zoom, compress, merge, cut .. and lots more

Media Library of videos and pictures available to use directly in your video

Brand your video with company logo, colour scheme, style and transitions

Save and download video in various formats like mp4, mpeg etc.

Add personalization and interactivity to videos

Personalized and interactive videos are effective to communicate and calls to action.

Add personalization and Interactivity to your Video campaign for better customer engagement and conversions.

Our highly intuitive video personalization tool helps you to personalize images, text in video templates, also add interactivity to videos by adding custom hotspots, forms etc.

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Hassle-free video publishing

Send videos via email or any other digital communication platform. Viewers can watch them on any device without any botheration of downloading.

  • Easy to embed video previews into your emails
  • Publish personalized short url in text messages and enhance success of your messaging campaign
  • A reach of 1.5 billion people through WhatsApp video messaging
  • Website conversions get augmented by personalized video inserts in your product pages or on your home page.
  • Post your videos to various social media channels

Get valuable campaign insights

Detailed video analytics will supplement your marketing strategy

Video analytics will vet how videos impact your revenue and their performance across your website, email marketing, YouTube and other digital platforms from one central dashboard.

  • Get a comprehensive view of audience trends like rewatches, drop-offs, and interactions with your video.
  • Identify and track the people watching your videos. Then, send this data to your CRM for smarter lead nurturing.
  • Get a look at the percentage of viewers who clicked play, percentage viewed, total time watched, CTAs clicked, and more
  • Check out stats like shares, likes, and comments, for each of your videos shared to social media?—?in one place.

More Than Just Video Creation

From small enterprises to Fortune 500 enterprises, VSPAGY's video platform caters across the globe. Going beyond just creating videos, we have got all business level solutions, the ones you need for your video strategy.

Put Video to Work for Your Business

  • Onboarding for new customers
  • First use and service activations
  • Up-selling and cross-selling of new products, cash loans, credit cards, etc.
  • Personalized extensions of ATL campaigns
  • Customer education videos
  • New product launch
  • New client acquisition
  • Insurance renewal campaigns
  • Insurance reviews and protection coverage recommendations
  • New offers in program
  • Tailored promotions by partner network
  • Exclusive communication for high value members
  • Tailored promotions for customers as per their purchasing preference, coverage and recommendations

Our Partners Leading brands appreciate us

VSPAGY Video Solutions are used by some of the world's leading brands.