Solutions that add a 'WOW' factor in Customer Experience

VSPAGY's multple solutions add the perfect touch which increase your customer experience level to many folds.

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VSPAGY can be used in a variety of ways to achieve your goals

On the recommendation of our experts we have listed the various functions or use cases around which the customer experience revolves.


  • Send friendly welcoming video explaining the relevant services that s/he can pick, along with guides to online banking, payments, loan applications, etc
  • Best practices and the mistakes to avoid in video
  • Either create short videos for independent features or show chapters so the viewer has autonomy over the learning process.
  • Provide support videos and self-help documents with videos
  • Sharing customer stories strengthen your product offerings, help your customers in understanding how the product can be put to use at its best and creates an opportunity for upselling.


  • Offering personal line of credit cards to customers who have registered for saving accounts. It can also include a debit card, online banking, direct deposit, bill pay, automatic savings transfer, security solutions such as privacy protection
  • Banks can provide the mortgage holder with the summary of their current mortgage. It also promotes the possibility of saving money on their current mortgage payment by refinancing at a lower rate.
  • A bank could use personalized video to send savings account summary and based on spending behaviour upsell a unique credit card to the customer.
  • In case, customer makes high value transaction on credit card, s/he may be advised to avail EMI facility for easy payment.

Customer Acquisition

During the acquisition phase, send a personalized interactive video which focuses on the services relevant for your customer and used in the video.

Customer Care

Personalized videos are great for sending out ongoing communication about any changes in service

Customer Feedback

Take the feedback of your customer about your services, products

Issue Resolution

Personalised interactive can be a good way to provide resolution of customer queries.

Perfect solution for service based industry like Banking, Telco, E-commerce, Healthcare etc.

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Special Moments

  • Send highly personalized video greetings to customers on their birthdays, anniversary, achievements and festivals
  • You can simply impress your customers with payment reminders and alerts, share their spending patterns and habits.
  • Increase customer loyalty with offers/gift coupons/vouchers in video
  • Send personalized quiz and survey videos to employees asking them about their views/feedback

Quiz / Survey

Increase the effectiveness of video by including questions in the video experience.

Online video quizzing increases active viewing, enables measurement, and provides a new way to improve the outcomes.

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Training and Awareness

  • Customer awareness videos providing important instructions like not sharing OTP etc.
  • A bank could use personalized videos to send customer’s savings account summary and based on spending behaviour upsell a unique credit card to customers.
  • Share videos highlighting the discount applied and help understand the premium calculation
  • Training video informing the customer how to do online fund transfer, get online KYC done etc.

VSPAGY helps businesses across a number of industries reach their goals through interactive and personalized video

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