Influence Customers & Double Your Leads With Remarketing

20 January 2021

What is remarketing?

Traditional Vs Personalized Video Remarketing

Traditionally remarketing was the tool to track website visitors and target them with ads which were displayed irrespective of the customer’s tracking history.

Now personalised remarketing is more sophisticated and allows you to monitor the products or services that the customer viewed on your website. It allows you to retarget all your customers separately depending on their previous browsing behaviour.

Similarly, instead of using traditional banners, Remarketing with Video Banners is all the more effective and it lets you over come Banner Blindness. The effectiveness of video banners lies in their personalization and dynamism. If done correctly, they are interactive, immersive and highly appealing. Moreover, Video Banners also have the ability to introduce genuineness to your communication in the form of stories and content.

What’s Need for Video Remarketing?

Starting with brand awareness, you can boost every stage of your funnel with video remarketing.

At the top of the funnel, completion rates of dynamically Videos were 47% higher than non-dynamic ones. Dynamic personalized videos boost the phases in the middle of the funnel. This leads to increased sales and revenue at the bottom of the funnel.

Video remarketing not only impacts on click through rate (CTR) but also increases return on investment (ROI).

Benefits of Video Remarketing

Dynamic video remarketing is amazing! It is a powerful way to reconnect with people who have already interacted with you over any medium.

Video remarketing is a very powerful tool to remarket. It not only helps Brands reminding visitors of their desire to engage but also facilitates the transition to the next step of conversion funnel. Remarketing ad can be presented to the visitor.

If a visitor has left a product/service page, the remarketing ad can be presented to them immediately in the form of banner video ads on web site or social media or through SMS or Email, leading the visitor back to the product page where they can be incentivized to move to the next stage of the funnel—may be adding the item to cart.

You can build deeper relationships with your customers through remarketing. Present dynamically personalized video remarketing Ads, which automatically adapt content and promotions specifically to each user and ensure they are exposed to content, which is most relevant to them. This ways you also tend to make innate relationship with your customer. He feels more connected and you have a better prospect of conversion.

Keep your brand in front of people with personalized videos. Engage the laziest buyer with your personalised video campaigns. The statistics says that as many as a quarter of customers reported that they enjoy retargeting ads. They appreciate them because the ads offer reminders of products and brands that the consumer had been interested in before.

Retargeting increases purchases and lowers the cost per conversion. It also enhances revenue.

Ways to use personalized video retargeting

Though it is highly frustrating to know that 87% of the visitors bounce off from your website never to come back. But the silver lining is they are still interested. We just need to be more proactive and keep our message in front of them in order to reconnect with them. It’s not easy to get a visitor to your website. Don’t let them go silently? It’s time we make some noise and keep them coming back.

Let us know how it can be done effectively with personalized video remarketing campaigns:

  1. Complete signups :

    This can start with some offers. You can create interest in your product and services with some free offers exclusively as per the behaviour of the visitor. Use personalized dynamic videos to hit the bull’s eye. Get the story right to better connect with them and provide them with good offer. You can increase the conversion rate depending upon how good your offer is. Use personalized videos for remarketing and get the customer signup and provide them with the desired information like, email or mobile.

  2. Close your deal :

    Use remarketing to remind your prospect about the sales proposal or abandoned kart. Use multi pronged approach of email, SMS automation, Video banner Ads to make them complete the sale.

  3. Cross Sell/Up sell:

    It’s a proven fact that someone who’s your customer is exponentially more open to upsells and cross-sells.So why not offer them something ELSE which adds value to them. You’ve made the first sale so you might as well offer them something of value that they’ll also need.

    With online, if they go to your “thank you page”, you can cookie them with a different set of tags that will now retarget them for your upsell opportunity.

  4. Viral marketing and Referrals :

    This is one of the most effective methods of retargeting but also the trickiest one as well. You have to make sure to do it “right”. Try getting your customer’s referrals online with effective personalized videos. Connect with them with a wonderful story line and make a deep relationship. This method can double or triple your email opt-ins, raise tons of revenue, and give you more visibility. You can retarget people who’ve come to your page referral page as with abandoned shopping carts, abandoned sign up pages, etc. Hence, make sure to have a smooth online referral process so as to minimize the dropouts. Make sure that your retargeting is not the source of annoyance. It’s best to have a Call to Action “hey can you refer us” link to retarget your existing customers