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From marketing for small businesses to sales for large enterprises, VSPAGY Personalised Video Interactivity Platform Videos help move your business forward - whatever industry you're in. Create personalized and interactive videos in couple of clicks, and embed them in your website, mobile app, e-mail campaigns, SMS campaigns or wherever you need to drive customer engagement.

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Banking and Finance
Make Business more personal

Make your banking communications with your customers in more interactive and personalized and that too in a secured way.

  • Onboarding for new customers
  • First use and service activations
  • Up-selling and cross-selling of new products, cash loans, credit cards, etc
  • Customer education, e.g. converting clients from traditional to electronic statements.
  • New product launch
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Special Moments
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Engage, Educate, Nurture

By combining customer information with real-time data about everything from insurance policies to deductibles and policy statements, insurers can offer an unprecedented experience for customers that engages and educates on an individual level.

  • New clients acquisition and engagement
  • Insurance renewal campaigns
  • First use and service activations
  • Up-selling and cross-selling of new products
  • Insurance reviews and protection coverage recommendations

Create customer connect

The beauty of VSPAGY Personalised Video Interactivity Platform Videos lies in the numerous possibilities it provides for smart, interactive and personalized video content.

From showing off new products to even providing your monthly bills in video form, the opportunities are virtually endless.

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  • New customer acquisition
  • New offers in program
  • Cross-selling and Up-selling plans and products
  • Interactive and personalized way to present the monthly bills to customer with ability to download from video
  • Offer secure way to pay bills from video
  • Sending out ongoing communication about any changes in service
  • Take the feedback of your customer about your services, products

Travel and Hospitality
Tapping the touch points

VSPAGY Personalised Video Interactivity Platform videos allow to target travellers during the planning and research stage - the visual impact is useful at conveying a point of view and triggering an emotion-driven action.

  • New customer acquisition
  • New offers in program
  • Tailored promotions for customers as per their preferences
  • Offer direct booking links from interactive video
  • Personalized interactive videos offer a great way to welcome new customers

Retail and Loyalty
Increase Customer Engagement

Make online shopping an event. Video-powered experiences delivered during moments of choice and consideration help foster brand awareness, increase purchase frequency, build shopper loyalty, and grow the lifetime value of a customer.

Leading retail brands transform CX with video-powered experiences via owned and paid media channels, creating revolutionary results: a 24x return on investment, and an 18% lift in online conversions.

  • New customer onboarding
  • Tailored promotions by partner network
  • Exclusive communication for high value members
  • Up- and cross-selling
  • Tailored promotions for customers as per their purchasing preferences

Maximize re-marketing results

VSPAGY Personalised Video Interactivity Platform videos allow e-commerce brands to leverage targeted video communication for better conversations.

  • Driving traffic to your e-commerce portal
  • Tailored promotions for customers as per their preferences
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell the products with attractive offers
  • Personalised videos for customer onboarding with welcome message
  • Target your wish list and abandoned cart customers with personalized videos, for better retargeted conversions

Keep your patients engaged

Interactive shoppable content is one component that's enhancing visual experiences and will be pivotal to the retail industry

  • Patient onboarding video with healthcare individualized experiences that extend a warm welcome at moments of introduction.
  • Explainer videos displaying complex information which simplifies the explanation.
  • Video bills explaining hospital bills detailing each item.
  • Video virtual tour of the hospital or private practice, or a walk through the treatment details.
  • Testimonial videos that acts as a social proof.

Video powered experience for Auto industry

Effective communication and engagement right from prospect to converted customers and dealers.

  • VSPAGY Personalised Video Interactivity Platform Lead Generation video with information about the latest automobile models, their USP, loyalty bonus. Option to apply for the test drive, call the nearest dealer etc
  • New Model Launch Video providing detailed information about the new model launched. What's the USP and the comparison with the competition falling in the same segment, referral campaign
  • Feedback, survey videos taking customer input related to service quality, experience of the vehicle.
  • Special Moments video to send Birthday Wishes, Anniversary Wishes, rewarding the dealer etc.
  • Service due date reminder videos can be sent to customer asking them to choose the relevant service date and book service.

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