Create Smart URLs with your Brand Name within the Links

VSPAGY platform creates hyper personalized smart URLs to help you grow and share links using your custom domain. Give your customer the assurance and recall of their trusted brand at every customer touch point.

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Create and manage your own personalized short URL

Now with VSPAGY Smart Links, you can shorten your URLs and share across channels and keep a track of clicks with in-depth analytics.

We offer a comprehensive platform to brand and manage Smart link (short links).Connect with channel like SMS, Email, WhatsApp, social media and third party tools that you already use. We also provide standalone short URL platform.

Benefits of VSPAGY Smart Link platform:

  1. Easy Shortening of links
  2. Customized domain name
  3. One link across operating systems
  4. API and interface for converting the Long URL to Smart URL
  5. Highly secured platform with IP authentication.
  6. Full link tracking. Measure campaign effectiveness with deep data analytics. Also integrated with Google Analytics
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Simple and swift Smart URL generator


  • Powerful Smart links platform

    VSPAGY provides reliable, scalable and highly secured short link management platform. We help enterprise to connect with their customers over SMS, Email, social Media or WhatsApp entirely with short links. We empower enterprises to know their customers by connecting with them with personalized short links and also monitor every click they receive.

  • On-demand on-prim deployment

    VSPAGY supports on-prim deployment of its platform apart from SaaS offering. On the demand of an enterprise, we can do the platform deployment of our state-of-the-art short URL platform with intuitive GUI and restful API seamlessly.

  • Branded and Personalized Smart Links

    Create smart links in your own branded domain to add authenticity and increase the click-through rate like never before. We provide you a tool that allows you to shorten links representing your BRAND. You can track the click-through rate and analyse link click rate. We support multiple custom domains for an enterprise. Personalize smart links to get better clicks. Customize smart links also that fits your product, marketing campaigns or any event. You can even do the personalization in the name of the person, who gets the smart link like “” to seek your customer attention and get even more clicks. We help you track and manage these personalized smart links to increase customer engagement.

  • Deep Linking

    You can route users directly to the right destination from your mobile communications. Our Smart links helps you directly route your customers to the right place within your app or send them to the app store to download it. Deep links or One Link, with the single link creates a seamless transition to mobile, drive app engagement, and enhance app installs.

  • Restful API

    We offer restful API to help you better organize your smart link management. You can shorten your long links using the API in your own domain. We provide extensive user management to help your team create and manage their own smart link campaigns

  • In depth Analytics

    We offers real-time, interactive dashboard that provides a complete statistics like app opens and store visits across every device and channel—SMS, Email, social media, WhatsApp. We can also give information about the geo-location, device and operating system info of the person clicking the link.

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