Automobile companies drive Loyalty & Sales with VSPAGY

29 Jun, 2023 - 18:51:35
Personalized video

Automobile companies are leveraging the VSPAGY - personalized video interactivity, #AI powered SaaS platform to enhance customer loyalty and #increasesales and upgrades. By leveraging this platform automobile marketeers are able to engage with their existing customers in a unique personalized ways. By just investing in creating one video, through VSPAGY they are able to distribute personalized videos at scale to individual customers simultaneously though multiple channels like WhatsApp, email, SMS, in-app notifications amongst others.

Through the regular utilisation of VSPAGY's AI-driven insights, CRM integration, personalized video streams, and engaging gamification and interactive elements, #automobile brands are fostering stronger #customer connections, and successfully #upselling car upgrades to their existing loyal customers.

Personalized Car Showroom:

Create virtual car display showrooms giving viewers the option to select car models and specific features based on individual customer preferences and needs. Highlight the unique selling point of each model basis preference of individual users or user clusters. Allow viewers to explore the interior and exterior of the car through interactive elements all within the personalised video.

Get Test Drive Bookings:

Transform your linear videos with elements of interactivity and to get test drive bookings. Create one video and distribute it at scale across geographies with personalized and localised information to the viewer. Leverage the power of VSPAGY generative AI tools and localisation engine to provide specific and relevant information to the individual viewers including price, dealer information. The AI based language localisation engine helps in streaming videos with personal language preferences of the viewer.

Auto Financing:

Video interactivity can be used to assist customers in finding and figuring out personalized financing options for a model of their choice. Prospective car customers can get information on and choose options from various financial institutions that the car brand dealership has a tie-up with. Generate offers in real time from within the video. Information of leasing options, available discounts, assured buy-back deals or trade-in deals can also be generated within the video through VSPAGY's generative AI tools.

Dealer Connects and Pricing:

Video interactivity can be used to assist customers in finding and figuring out the exact on-road price of the model of their choice. One video created by the brand team can be distributed at scale to millions of customers. The AI enabled VSPAGY platform ensures that each individual customer sees the model specific pricing based on the location and city of the viewer. Interactivity buttons can also be used to trigger direct connects with the dealers close to their respective locations from within the video.

Upgrades and Exchange Value:

One of the most successful personalized video interactivity use case has been in the case of offering existing car owners choice to upgrade their cars from within the video communication. Car marketeers can send personalized videos at scale to their existing customers that are personalized to the extent of even showing the exact same car with specific car numbers in the video that the customer owns. Interactive videos can showcase the benefits of upgrading to a newer model, demonstrating improved features, performance, and safety enhancements. Allow customers to interactively explore the exchange process, providing information on valuation, exchange values, and how the upgrade can fit into their budget.

Retargeting and Personalized Recommendations:

Leverage your customer data and preferences to generate personalized re-targeting video campaigns. The platform enables you to add car model suggestions, features, and upgrades based on the customer's previous interactions and preferences. Present these recommendations through interactive videos that highlight how the suggested options align with the customer's needs and desires.

Post Purchase Service Support:

Utilize the VSPAGY platform to provide ongoing support to improve loyalty post purchase of the vehicle. Send cost-effective personalized videos at scale specific to individual customers that offer tips for maintaining the vehicle, provide information on scheduled maintenance, and notify customers about available upgrades or accessories. Incorporate interactive elements within the video that allow customers to book service appointments close to their specific location.

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