Leading Automobile company accelerates customer engagement for new car launch with VSPAGY

11 Jul, 2023 - 18:51:35
Personalized video

The Challenge/ Client Brief:

Automobile among others is the most dynamic and user-adaptive industry when it comes to launching new features, functionalities, models, and other aesthetic attributes in the market. Despite all these efforts and innovations that goes into their planning, it is a challenge to capture the customers attention and thus many leading automobile players are finding innovative ways to catch the attention of their existing customers.

A leading automobile company wanted to launch their new car and they were looking to make this launch engaging for their existing customers. They wanted to upsell the car to their existing customers while delivering a personalized customer experience that will drive the purchase decision.

The brief to VSPAGY was to create and execute a campaign that will give a complete walkthrough of the latest launched car model and engage the existing customers with its new car and generate purchase interest for upselling.

The VSPAGY Solution:

  • In this, we made one personalized video with elements of personalization and interactivity which were added at each stage of the video using interactive buttons and personalization text.
  • By just creating one video, the company was able to distribute personalized video stream links at scale to individual customers simultaneously via the SMS channel.
  • The customer's experience gets revamped as the video starts with their personalized name and preferred language.
  • The video content was made to engage the viewers with the car's features such as exterior, comfort, connectivity, performance, safety, technology, colour options, and benefits.
  • Video interactivity was also added in the video which allowed individual viewers to customize the colour of the car with the available colour options, download the model's detailed brochure and they were also able to interact with all the features of the car.
  • Going ahead, VSPAGY personalized video interactivity solution also allowed the viewers to directly find a dealer, book a test drive, click to buy, etc by clicking the interactive buttons within the video, which is perfect to drive purchase intent when you are up selling a product to your existing customers.
  • These videos highlighted features and benefits that are most relevant to each segment, addressing customers' unique needs and preferences which helped the automotive company to target specific customer segments using the VSPAGY platform.


This campaign came out to be extremely successful. The automobile company was able to not only showcase its new car launch to its existing customers but was also able to drive action from them as they booked test drives and contacted automobile dealers from within the video. The numbers were astonishing as close to 50,000 videos were played by the existing customers. And 75% of these videos were played by each unique customer. The return on investment was also high as engagement CTA's increased from an average of 1% to 7% when the viewers interacted with 'Book a test drive', 'Contact Us' and 'Click to Buy' elements present in the video which led to their purchase action further.

Close to 50,000 Videos Played

Unique Video Played (75%)

Test Drives Booked (Engagement CTA's increased from an average of 1% to 7%)