Improve your customer conversations with video interactivity

Create powerful personalized video interactivity experience in minutes with VSPAGY self-service interface. Add buttons, questions, hotspots, video branching and more.

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Unique Video Experience - engaging and beyond

Enrich your videos with interactivity and give your customers the ability to interact with video content through variety of tools like hotspot, branching, data input, 360° view and quizzes.

An interactive video's power lies in its situation control. It transforms the storyline as per the viewer's interest. Whatever form it may be, an interactive video shares the power to converse with the customers/end users. That's completely different from a traditional linear video where the audience participation is restricted to watching only.

Benefits of adding interactivity to videos:

  1. High impact
  2. Increased engagement
  3. It's fully trackable
  4. Explorative
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Give power to your content and empower your customer with interactivity.

Conditional Videos Let data drive your customer's journey

Engage your customer through conditional story telling. Let them create their own narrative rather than watching passively. In conditional videos, decision making lies with the viewer. Based on the answers given, the story moves further.

Benefits of conditional video include:

  1. Higher engagement and longer viewing time
  2. Viewer becomes an active participant and influences what happens instead of passively watching
  3. Better tracking and understanding of customer
  4. Easy tailoring of the video content to match customer's preferences based on their choices ending with matching CTA, thus offering a more attractive and personalized experience
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Vernacular Language Videos Connect with customers in their language

Speaking to your audience in their own language generates higher traction. VSPAGY platform lets you connect with your customer in their preferred language. Customer is empowered to select the language of choice. People are more comfortable consuming content in their own language, thus feel an affinity towards the brand.

Benefits of vernacular language video:

  1. Better understanding
  2. Higher participation leading to improved results
  3. Better customer experience and satisfaction
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Shoppable Videos Empower effective retargeting

They are shoppers entertainment - “shoppertainment”. Allows viewers to click on hotspots, understand more about product, and buy instantly. Easy to design with no coding, launch shoppable videos in no time and give a whole new meaning to the term “impulsive buy”

Benefits of shoppable videos includes:

  1. Increase in consumer engagement
  2. Invaluable performance insight
  3. Empowering brands and help boost conversion and loyalty
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Educational Videos Great way to highlight and explain your offerings or products.

Educational Video helps potential customer understand your product or solution and see if it best matches their needs.

They can also be effectively used as an educational tool in academic learning and in high impact corporate training.

The benefits that educational videos bring:

  1. High impact (as high as 10X)
  2. Increased learner engagement
  3. Appeals to varied learner profiles
  4. Allows tremendous control to meet required cognitive levels
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Secured Videos Password-protected videos help stay secure and compliant

Most of the time you'll be using your video content to reach as many people as possible to drive awareness, engagement, conversion, and retention. But there are times when you will produce video content that is sensitive and designed for specific audiences. The goal here is to make sure confidential content does not make it into the wrong hands.

The access can be restricted by using password. The video gets played only after successful authentication.

Following protection methods can be used:

  • Password Protection
  • Geographic and domain restriction
  • Dynamic token
  • OTP
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