Create Personalised Video Interactive Digital Greetings

VSPAGY Personalised Video Interactive digi-greetings enable enterprise customers to send high quality, aesthetically designed hyper personalized video greetings and invites.

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Make your ordinary greetings extraordinary with VSPAGY Digi-Greetings

Fostering relationships & increasing brand loyalty, offer options to customers in creating brand awareness via sending personalized seasonal digi-greetings, personalization based on the varying personas and buying behaviours of individual customers, customised to express your deep seeded emotions and create an emotional connect with your customers, create personalized content with your brand logo to create long lasting bond with your customer.

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Digi-Greetings for all Occasions Make your ordinary greetings extra ordinary with VSPAGY Digi Greetings

Following are the salient features of VSPAGY Digi-Greeting Platform:

  1. Robust Content Management system with categories
  2. Provision of Videos, GIFs and Images
  3. Inclusion of personalization
  4. User Management and Role Management
  5. Moderation (Maker Checker)
  6. Comprehensive MIS with interactive dashboard
  7. On-premise as well as cloud deployment
  8. Secured Platform
  9. Publication over SMS, Email and WhatsApp
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VSPAGY Video Solutions are used by some of the world's leading brands.