Case Studies

Customer Success Story - Max Life Insurance

Client Brief

Create a personalized video interactivity campaign for a recruitment drive for Max Life agent advisors with a gamified experience.

The VSPAGY Solution

  • We created a lead generation campaign. With just one video, Max Life was able to distribute personalized video interactivity stream(s) at scale to individuals simultaneously via the SMS channel.

  • The individual’s experience gets more relevant and interesting as the video starts with their personalized name and guides them through the instructions to play the game.

  • Through video interactivity, the prospective agent advisors were able to interact with clickable buttons which were present in the video and were prompted to initiate the game by clicking on [Let’s find out] button.

  • A ‘spectrum of happiness’ element appeared alongside the questions as they started to play.

  • Individuals could respond to a series of questions by choosing an emoji and were able to navigate through the previous and next question with the help of [go back] or [next] buttons.

  • Depending on the response given on each question, their individual spectrum of happiness displayed colors either partially or fully.

  • The video also allowed prospective agent advisors to see how their final ‘spectrum of happiness’ looks like when they click on [Get report].

  • Individuals were able to show interest for work opportunity as agent advisor by clicking on [Give a call] and/or [get a call back]. Once they clicked on any of the two a form pops up which asks to enter their Name and Mobile Number all from within the video.


The personalized video interactive streams got over 25% unique views amongst all recipients who were sent the message. The engagement CTAs were over 35% amongst all those who viewed the videos as 12% of all recipients interacted with [Give a call] and [Get a call] back buttons present in the video. The referrals percentage was over 30% and more than 100% amongst all those who viewed the videos. Campaign duration 23 Nov 2021 - 31 March 2022. (Data is shared only on percentage basis to protect client confidentiality)


Get HNI customers to download the vCard of their Relationship Manager.


Leverage the VSPAGY personalized video interactivity to engage the customers and induce them to save their relationship managers visiting card in their phone book. The personalised video interactive streams were shared at scale through the SMS broadcast channel. Once played the video stream greeted each customer by their individual names respectively and gave information about their respective relationship managers, after which the customer had an option to down the visiting card which gets saved in their phone book automatically. The campaign generated a CTA of 55%, i.e. over 55% customers who viewed the videos downloaded the visiting cards.

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