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Pursue your dreams to drive innovation, growth and aspirations. We are a high growth video-tech startup and constantly hiring high performing individuals. Join us for a dream future.

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Being a tech-specialised recruiter who speak the right language, we attract talent and inspire the pioneer in everyone. Be it stepping out of your comfort zone, brainstorming with diverse technologies, or moving to a new country or domain. We live by our philosophy of being trusted, professional, accountable, entrepreneurial and let our work speak.


    • We rely on each other's commitment and expertise, and use constructive feedback as a vehicle for growth.
    • Transparency and honesty are our biggest foundations for diligent work practice.
    • We trust each other to give and receive feedback and use constructive criticism as a vehicle for growth.

    • We sincerely believe in nurturing loyalty driven, family oriented professional. We deliver as we really believe in doing what we promise.
    • Willingness to learn, remaining innovative, our journey of growth soars high.
    • Our dedicated professional workforce make our mission look simple and easy.

    • Accountability has a strong connection to expectations. Personal responsibilities of employees make them accountable.
    • Accountable employees help in increasing business performance..
    • Having clear goals enable employees to build individual goals. This enhances accountability and lead to a successful implementation of an action.
  • Entrepreneurial

    • We encourage entrepreneurial skills and make suitable environment for our team members to discharge his/her assigned responsibility.
    • Every successful entrepreneurship skill is earned through the daily grind of ideas and implementation. We ensure setting up a goal, define your success and paving your way.
    • Good things take time to build. When the going gets tough, it will give you a feeling of accomplishment, and will keep you motivated.

Training Program at VSPAGY

As part of our professional development, we provide individual development plan as per the role, knowledge and experience. We ensure that every employee is well versed in latest technologies and grow leadership competence.

We provide leadership programs, e-learning opportunities and other functional training across functions.

We also provide on-the-job training.

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VSPAGY Video Solutions are used by some of the world's leading brands.