Personalized Video Interactivity use cases for the Automobile Industry

21 Jun, 2023 - 18:51:35
Personalized video

Marketing teams in the automobile industry across the globe are increasingly leveraging videos for connecting and engaging with customers. VSPAGY personalized video interactivity platform has been very effectively used by automobile marketeers to enhance customer engagement and improve customer communication throughout various stages of customer buying cycle.

The customer buying cycle in the #automobile industry is broadly defined across three stages (i) pre-key stage, (ii) handing over the key-stage and (iii) post-key stage. The VSPAGY personalized video interactivity platform can very effectively be utilised across these three key stages for various customer engagement and communication use cases. Let us explore and elaborate upon how this is being done by some of our automobile enterprise customers

The Pre-Key Stage:

During the pre-key stage, customers are searching and exploring different car options, conducting research, and narrowing down their choices. They are also talking to friends and family for recommendations. The VSPAGY platform has been playing a crucial role in engaging and informing potential car buyers.

a) Personalised referral videos: Marketeers can send personalized videos with capabilities of being forwarded by their existing customers to friends and family. When forwarded the video is auto-generated to be personalized in the name of the viewer whom it has been sent to. Referal benefits can be plugged in within the video and engagement CTAs can be tracked in real time.

b) Personalized Product Videos: Create personalized videos showcasing specific car models, highlighting their features, benefits, and customisation options. By tailoring the content to individual customer preferences, including language choices, localised dealer information, region specific prices, features and colour availability.

c) Test Drive Bookings: Viewers can book test drives from within the videos with their closest dealership. Marketeers can stream personalized videos with generative AI capabilities that give options for users to select and choose models, dealerships as per the real time car availability and closet dealer locations. The VSPAGY platform enables realtime update based on user locations and preferences with deep secured integration with enterprise CRM.

d) Virtual Test Drives: Offer virtual #testdrives through interactive videos, allowing customers to experience the vehicle's performance and handling virtually. The platform has futuristic capabilities to let the customers experience these through their VR headsets as well. Marketeers can add personalised video interactivity elements that let viewers explore different features and interact with the car's interior.

e) Comparison Videos: Generate interactive videos on the fly at scale that help users compare different car models, highlighting their unique selling points, safety features, fuel efficiency, and more all within the videos.

The Handing-over-the-Key Stage:

This stage involves the actual purchase or lease of the vehicle. The VSPAGY platform can enhance the customer experience during this stage and streamline the buying process.

a) Personalized Purchase Journey: Create personalized video guides that walk customers through the buying process, from choosing the right financing options to selecting additional features and accessories. Provide interactive elements that allow customers to ask questions, explore financing terms, connect directly with the finance expert - evaluate and share documents all within the video interaction.

b) Know Your Car Videos: Instead of traditional in-person vehicle demos, use the VSPAGY platform to deliver a personalized virtual experience about the individual car. Send customers interactive videos showcasing their specific new car, explaining the specific features, and demonstrating maintenance procedures. The VSPAGY platform generates videos that showcase the specific car with specific model features, the specific colour of the car that the customer has purchased.

c) Delivery Status Updates: With chip shortages across the industry car deliveries have increasing wait-times leading to long cycles of no communication for many customers post booking their vehicles. Manage #personalized #video #communication at scale through this period and keep the customers informed and improve customer engagement.

Post-Key Stage:

The post-key stage involves customer service support, retention, vehicle upgrades and thus fostering long-term relationships. The VSPAGY platform has been enabling automobile brands in these aspects through personalized video interactivity at scale, that even ensures that the individual customers see their own car details to the extent of the colour, model and car no as well within the video in every video stream. This is enabled through secured API integration with enterprise CRM/ CCM, all measures are taken to ensure customer privacy and security.

a) Interactive Maintenance Videos: Share personalized video tutorials that guide customers through routine, such as pollution check reminders, service schedules, or checking tire pressure, amongst others. Include interactive elements for troubleshooting common issues and connecting with customer support if needed.

b) Personalized Service Reminders: Integrate the VSPAGY platform with any CRM/ CCM and utilise it to send personalized video reminders for service appointments, oil changes, or inspections. These videos can outline the importance of maintenance and highlight any specific offers or promotions. These can also have interactive elements and buttons to book service pickups or drop appointments.

c) Personalized Car Insurance Reminders: The VSPAGY platform is successfully being used for insurance renewals by many insurance companies and has a proven record of enhanced CTAs especially in the case of insurance renewals. Send personalized videos with layers of interactivity to help customers to explore options and renew their car insurance from within the video.

d) Exclusive Content and Loyalty Programs: Leverage personalized video #interactivity to let your customers explore exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes manufacturing processes, interviews with designers, or sneak peeks of upcoming models. Offer loyalty programs through the platform, providing customers with personalized benefits and rewards.

e) Offers and Upgrades: The VSPAGY platform has been successfully used by leading automobile brand for sending personalized videos with layers of interactivity to up-sell existing customers new car models and upgrades. With a proven track record of high conversions, VSPAGY personalized video interactive platform has been giving some path breaking results to the

By leveraging the VSPAGY personalized video interactivity platform at each stage of the customer life cycle, you can improve your engagement CTAs, provide relevant individualised information at scale, and build stronger relationships and thus improve customers retention. To know more or get a free demo reach out to us at