Want a catchy video to increase customer engagement! Here is the tactics you need to follow

2020-07-08 18:54:10

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement is evolved as a successful concept in recent past, as more and more Brands are focusing on innovating ways to attract and retain customer, resulting in a higher Customer Lifetime Value.
Data analytics tools show that Engagement is one of the most important elements in influencing the customers buying decision.

Customer Engagement by definition is an ongoing process of nurturing the relationship between the Customer and the Brand and goes far beyond an individual transaction.
Customer Engagement primarily involves listening to the customer, understanding what he wants and then giving him a tailored solution, resulting in better acceptability and customer satisfaction.
Brands that do better  are more profitable. Gallop Research discovered that the customer attrition is 63% lower, wallet share is 55% higher, and overall performed 23% better than their competitors, if companies successfully engaged customers.

Customer Engagement

Why Video Plays an important role in Customer Engagement?

A key insight reveals that

People remember:

  • • 20% of What they Hear
  • • 30% of What they SEE
  • • 70% of What they SEE & HEAR

Thus, Video is the most effective channel for Customer Engagement.

Video improves Customer Engagement. It is one of the most effective ways to build a relationship and engages consumers throughout the Customer Life Cycle.
As per recent study, Videos up to 2 minutes long gets the most engagement and 55% of people consume videos thoroughly which is the highest amount across all types of content.

Organic reach of Facebook video is on an average 135% more than a Facebook photo. Videos retweeted is 6X more than photos and 3X more likely than GIFs.

What is a Personalized Interactive Video?

Video personalization is based on audience data. Details such as name, email, location, images, etc are used to create a personalized 1 to 1 video. Data points from various data sources such as CRM, CDP, Social Media can be used to create a personalized video experience that engage more users, and as a result gives better ROI.

Unlike traditional video, personalized videos are created for a specific targeted audience and hence are specific to each user watching it.

Interactivity enables users to interact with and within video, creating a 2-way dialogue between the brand and the customer, and allowing the customer to engage in an interactive story.

Personalized Interactive videos are changing the game of marketing by engaging the users in a 2-way conversations using next generation video technology.

Why Personalized Interactive Videos are more engaging?

Personalized Interactive Videos take customer engagement to the next level. It helps in creating human-to-human conversations. Each user is not offered a plain vanilla video story but the content is adapted based on the persona and profile data of each individual customer. Also it gives the opportunity to the user to interact with the video and give their inputs back and create a meaningful conversation.

Personalized Interactive videos have a very high customer engagement rate and helps in giving far better conversion rates and engagement rate than plain vanilla engagement strategy.