Real-time Contextual Marketing: Today's Business Need

2022-01-10 17:20:16

Any Marketer wants to leverage the most recent consumer insight available to deliver timely and relevant offers.

Real-time marketing promises to meet the needs of consumers with the right message in the right place at the right time.

Financial marketers have to balance the customer-centric view, the product view, and the channel view in planning real-time offers. If the data isn't evaluated fast enough, and the request isn't served up immediately, it doesn't matter if it's the most relevant offer in the world; you're likely going to lose that opportunity with the customer

 Greater access to consumer behaviour online, and the ability to process and convert this insight into dynamically personalized content and offers, is the core of Multi-Channel Marketing Automation.

 Multi-channel marketing automation is an efficient way to manage various digital marketing campaigns. It replaces the range of fragmented tools required for email marketing, advertising marketing, website visitor tracking, SMS,  web banner, OTT messengers, and Push Notifications (including web push and in-app push).

 The greatest thing about Marketing Automation is that it helps smoothen the playing field. Small companies find marketing automation platforms their secret weapon against companies with a dedicated marketing team.

Companies using Multichannel Marketing Automation consistently report an increase in sales-ready leads. This is due to the valuable information that the platform provides.

These platforms are real-time data-driven marketing platforms that let enterprises connect with their customer at the right time, with the correct information using the right channel. With analytics at its core, they help enterprises improve their marketing campaigns' success and notify the return on investment (ROI).

Purpose of Contextual Marketing

Do you ever think about why there is so much buzz in the market for real-time? Does relevance matter when everyone is talking about real-time? Why?

 This is because the purchase cycle is becoming short. People are making decisions at a fast pace. Therefore organization also has to make decisions faster than before.

You can offer relevant conversation to your customer if you are with him at a given moment.

 And there is a significant probability that he responds. As an enterprise, you have to analyze the situation and demonstrate your customer's needs. This brings

customer loyalty and helps in building a relationship. 

 Any Marketer wants to leverage the most recent consumer insight available to deliver timely and relevant offers. Greater access to consumer behaviour and the ability to process and convert this insight into dynamically personalized content and offers are helping to make 'real-time marketing'.  The two things that are very important for real-time marketing and which can create differentiation for the organization are 

1.     Capability to create an insight of the customer which can be used in real-time


2.     Organization process and technical flexibility to take the relevant data and deliver it to the right channel.

While planning real-time offers, marketers have to balance the four pillars of real-time marketing, which are 

1.     Who is Your Customer?

2.     What is the location and his behaviour

3.     Which is the most relevant offer for him

4.     His preferred channel of communication

Any technology has to address these four pillars.  Marketing automation platforms are one such tool available to enterprises to achieve them.

Why does Enterprise Need it?

 Enterprises are already into using digital marketing tools, so they may think Multichannel Marketing Automation is unnecessary. But its more to it. It lets you mimic your customer behavior by personalizing your efforts to the right person at the right place at the right time. It impersonators people's ingrained behaviors that they're already exhibiting. And then it allows you to reach people exactly when they need to be achieved. (In a way that's impossible to perform manually.)

Multi-channel marketing puts Enterprise focus on the entire funnel. This solidifies the discovery that today's customer journey is highly fragmented. It jumps around from channel to channel and also device to device over a few days, weeks, months, or even years


CRM systems let you organize your leads, but Marketing Automation provides you with options for the next step.

Typical analytics may give you information only about what your prospects are up to. Marketing Automation can tell you who they are, what company they work for, and provide details of all the marketing campaigns across multiple channels they have previously interacted with.

Thus, a multi-channel marketing automated platform provides enterprises with the flexibility of targeting the right content/product to the right customer at the right time with the communication channel of their choice.

Need to develop Digital Strategy with Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

Multichannel Marketing Automation is a prodigious, adequate, and reasonable way to take your digital marketing to the next level. It gives you the tools to gather information about your target audience and convert them into new customers.

Through Multichannel Marketing Automation, you can:

·         Improve the targeting with effective segmentation.

·         Calculate the ROI and thus the success rate of campaigns

·         Create automated workflows where campaigns can be designed on the fly and in multiple channels of communication

·         Engage your customer with the right content as per his behavior and preferred channel.

·         Nurture leads at each stage of the sales funnel