How to Create Engaging Videos

2022-02-08 16:44:15

Consumers in 2022 are spending more and more time watching videos. It is estimated that 4 hours per day are being spent by a user on video viewing. Over the last couple of years, content marketing has undergone a huge transformation with video becoming the highly consumed and effective medium. Users find engaging video content difficult to resist.

The numbers displayed below vouch for the same:

In spite of being aware of the power of video marketing, a lot of companies are still sitting on the sidelines. The concept of regularly rolling out fresh, unique engaging video content is an unnerving prospect. Personalization of videos and adding interactivity makes the videos all the more powerful. It has been found that the power of engaging videos, more specifically personalized interactive videos, is multifold higher than any other content, even linear video. It makes your viewer feel inclusive. Then you can use any channel of communication like WhatsApp, Email, SMS, MobileApp and Website to publish your interactive and hyper personalized video content. Video analytics also help you gaze what is being liked and admired by your viewers to improvise on the content.

Four important points are to be taken care off for creating engaging videos are listed below:

1 Know your viewers

First and foremost thing is you need to know your audience. You can run multiple campaigns to collect customer data. The more data you have the more understanding of the customers you have and this will lead you to connect with your customer in the way they want. Every customer wants to be treated differently and the personalized video content you are actually doing hypertargeting based on the customer behaviour.

2. Give your audience every reason to watch the video

be clear of what you want to communicate. Make sure that the message you wanted to communicate is clear. The customer engagement time span is quite less, so it is all the more important for you to be clear of your communication. 45% of people watch more than an hour per day of online video content. So, what should you do to make people spend time on your videos instead of skipping over to somebody else's videos?

The answer is to create highly engaging videos; you need to attract viewers right from the first few moments. People want to know what they will gain by watching your video.

Be very compelling. Communicate the viewer a promise of whats in store, and how that will benefit them personally.

3. Plan Ahead and Master the art of story telling

In order to make your video truly engaging, present concise and to the point information. For any video campaign to succeed, resonate, engage and entertain, it has to have a purpose.

You have to keep in mind that your viewers will only stay with you for a certain amount of time. You need to remember you need to seek attention of your customer in the first 6 seconds.

So, what is required to be done to keep your audience interested? It's always advisable to write the interesting video script initially to keep your user engaged in your video.

This is a known fact that powerful stories evoke empathy as they activate parts of the brain that would operate if you actually experienced the stories events. If someone describes eating a plate of mac and cheese, your sensory cortex lights up. If someone recounts scoring their first touchdown, your motor cortex invigorates.

By weaving facts into narrative, we could make our viewers place themselves into story's characterand allowed them to relate to what is being displayed in the video.

4. Make your video interactive to establish customer communication.

It is great to talk to your audience. Making your videos to initiate two-way dialog with your audience can give you an incredible boost to engagement because it allows your audience to be involved by taking the story forward as per their choice.

You can take feedback, invite your viewers to ask questions, you can make your viewers participate in quiz etc.Engaging videos are very much required these days to seek viewer's attention. If you want engaged with videos, you have less than 8 seconds to grab attention before they move to another screen.