How can Personalised Video Technology be Benefited to your Business?

2021-06-15 18:51:35

Who do not want to feel special? Personalization makes it possible. That's why adding details into a personalized video, like viewer's name, company, or photo, is the perfect way to engage and delight your audience.
Videos which are tailored to each individual viewer are called Personalized video.
Research shows that 96% of marketers believe that personalization helps advance customer relationships and people choose to interact with organizations that use personalization in their communication.

With our conversational video messaging platform, VSPAGY provide data driven real time hyper personalization. Personalization increases acceptance and enhances customer loyalty. We can see more and more organizations implementing not only personalization but hyper personalization.
Customer loves the videos that are hyper personalized based on their demographical and phycological behaviour.

Personalized video

Some of the advantage of video personalization are:

Higher Return on Investment
ROI is closely tied to personalization as it is reported that customers are reported that customers are more likely to involve with companies that provide personalized experiences. If you are sharing videos that are personalized as per the customer needs and persona, the impact is tremendous and the result is increased ROI.

Smooth customer journey with improved experience
We all know that the customer attention span on an average is approximately 8 sec. so it is all the more important that we share customized video content. The more appropriate are your offerings and content of video, the more time and effort your customers will spend on your content. This way, you also show customers that you value them and know them as individuals, which acts wonders for customer retention.

Motivator to work on the data quality
Even after identifying the target customer segments, you need to keep on updating the customer profile as people change, their habits and behaviour change over time. If hyper-personalization is the driver of your customer strategy, these changes are to be recognized and updated as early as possible. You need to keep on cleaning the data in order to have the high quality and organized data, which is easily available for personalization strategies. Doing this you will also achieve better data integrity and connection among data source.

Need to be more thoughtful about channels and timing
Traditional marketing campaigns were a bulk blast of information across channels without really thinking about the recipient. But “One size fits all” type of messages are a big waste of money and resources to the organizations. Today, brands want to connect with the customer at the right time with the right message and on the right channel. Connect with your customer with personalized video for each of them, when it is most likely to resonate.

Just to summarize, Personalization in videos makes your customer communication more powerful. You are able to connect one on one with your customer making your communication more relevant, meaningful and engaging