Boost your Business with a Powerful Video Marketing Strategy

2021-01-21 12:43:13

There is an old English saying - A picture is worth a thousand words. Just think what a video can establish. Video marketing is used for everything nowadays. It serves as a medium to deliver entertaining content as well as promote customer testimonials. Your video marketing strategy can get a leverage through best video marketing practices. A prediction by Cisco says that by end of 2020, 80% of global traffic on the net will be dominated by videos.

1. Start with a video marketing goal

A defined goal can reach you to your desired success. A video strategy has to be in sync with your entire campaign strategy. It is important to define what you hope your video will accomplish. Videos can complement your existing content strategy. How do you define your goals? Defining them early on will give you a kickstart to create content that resonates with your audience in a significant way.

There are four fundamental rules to make video content work for your business.

  • > Generate brand awareness and loyalty to start with
  • > Campaign to increase leads or sales conversion
  • > Boost website traffic
  • > Customer engagement for longer stay at your website

Put your aim in one or two simple sentences. When you are interacting with your team or your digital agency, put this in front of you.

2. Define your target audience

To remain competitive, today's marketers are giving primary importance on making video a key component of their brand's marketing strategy. In fact, more than 50 per cent of consumers trust a brand with videos more than a brand without. Now is the time to market your business video by creating unique ways.

When you target your content to perform well, you need to know precisely who you're looking to target. Defining your target audience will give you a clear insight into what their specific needs are and how best to converge them.

3. Your video should tell a story, not sell

Storytelling is a must-have skill when you are going for a sales pitch. If you want to sell, you will have to make sure that people want to listen to you, not just listen to you.

To get sales, you are always talking to people. And they will only listen when they want to. So in order to sell, they must want to listen to you.

We remember stories. With humans having short attention span, you need to understand that shorter is better. A 15 second or less video will keep the audience engrossed and recollect more.

4. Humour holds the key

Sometimes, it becomes tough for you to communicate standing out from your competition in a cluttered marketplace. Perfect humour timing is a gift. Do not hesitate to make your prospect laugh here and there. Humour is the most appealing, engaging and attractive connecting tool as well as the most disarming. Just remember not to overdo it. There's a thin line between clever and being a sideshow.

You may be talking about hypothetical situations, but make sure that the client can see themselves in the stories always. Learn to tell stories that paint funny scenarios. Funny stories are a great leap from dry presentations.

5. Never forget a Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is essential for any marketing endeavour, including videos. A call-to-action in the video itself and the video landing page would give you an edge over others.

Surround a how-to-do video on your website with call-to-action on the page that let your audience know you have the right kind of material they need, the knowledge to do it for them, or the how-to-guide to help them.

6. Start measuring your video performance

Today's world evolves through all things digital and networking through social media. it is time to create rich videos that grab and hold attention. Brand marketers are vying for a niche commodity today - 'Attention'. The battle royale is taking place in the visual domain.

So, it has become mandatory to measure your video performance against the set goal. Measuring just the view counts won't help the marketers anymore. Look at metrics has become a compulsion which shows how engaged their audience is through attention span data and how many leads their videos are contributing to. Video is the type of content with the best ROI.

7. Augment your marketing automation tool with videos

Content marketing doesn’t have to be always a manual process or done by you and your team. Automation helps brands improve their content marketing effectiveness. The right workflow applications can help automate and distribute content effectively.You can easily track how many visits, leads, and conversions you’re getting as a result of content automation. These valuable insights will help you score your leads and qualify the lead funnel.