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With VSPAGY Video Analytics Dashboard get comprehensive and data driven video analytics, track video engagement, learn more about your audience, and turn views into results.

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Video Analytics Video Analytics at Your Fingertips

VSPAGY enables video analytics and offers critical and relevant business intelligence. Deep insights about the profitability and success of customer engagement helps marketers optimize engagement strategy. Analyse all the video metrics, know who is viewing, duration of video played and the preferred channel of customer engagement.

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Powerful Video Analytics Dashboard VSPAGY offers comprehensive dashboard for video data visualization and improve every aspect of your video strategy.

  • Video platform and channel analysis
    Empowers real time data analysis of each channel and platform usage. It includes detailed video performance analysis providing different OS like Android, IOS etc., as well as different communication channels like SMS, e-mail, social media etc.
  • Deeper Insight
    VSPAGY video platform delivers deep insight of viewers. It lets you know the duration, engagement type, time of engagement, most used browser, location & devices.
  • Performance Analytics
    It provides performance of each video asset on daily, weekly and monthly basis. It gives information about how many users are watching the video and for how long, who has clicked and shown interest and if the videos are generating the highest ROI.
  • Real-Time Analytics
    VSPAGY dashboard enables real-time customer engagement journey data. It helps the enterprise to take decisions then and there.
  • Behavioural Analytics
    We help enterprises understand their viewers better by providing them the performance of their video assets. We also provide them with the information about their customer interest helping them create best offering for the viewers.

Channel Specific Analytics

E-mail Analytics

Open rate, CTR, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Growth Rate, Email Sharing/Forwarding Rate, Overall ROI, Unsubscribe Rate , Click maps- displays unique clicks, Geographic Stats, Statics by device, Error Stats

Messaging Analytics

Delivered, Failed, Not Delivered, SMSC, Time Stamp, Reason for Failure

Social Media Analytics

Likes, comment, share, impressions, CTR for Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter

Short Link Analytics

Click, Location, IP Address, Device, Operating System, Browser, Time and Date

Website/Mobile App Analytics

Number of unique visitors, total visits, geographic location, repeat users, time tracking, funnel analysis, RFM analysis, conversions.

Whatsapp Analytics

Open rate, Read, Location, Failed Rate, Time Stamp

Integrating Video Data into Enterprise Platforms Push video data into leading CRM and marketing automation platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and more. Transform your video data into analytical moments.

  • Use video data to qualify, segment, score, nurture, and engage leads with automated marketing activities
  • Augment CRM contact records with viewing data so that sales can chase your high-quality leads
  • Feed video data into CRM dashboards to quantify video pipeline, revenue, and ROI

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