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Video publishing

Unified campaign manager for multi-channel video publishing.

Connect with your customer on the channel of choice using Vspagy unified campaign tool

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Track your customer journey across channels

Using personalised interactive videos will enable you to reach more and engage more with your customers. They hold peopleís attention for longer, makes them feel like a part of the story and gives them a sense of authenticity about the brand that theyíre interacting with. It can be used to enhance the customer experience, to teach people and to gain valuable insights into different markets and consumer groups.

One platform dedicated to multi-channel publishing

The world, from business to personal and social, has become increasingly reliant on all things digital. Capitalizing on the digital transformation of society has been a necessity for communication of any organization. So, it has become necessary to manage, supply or distribute content on digital space.

Video Messages e-mails

Data driven personalized and interactive email marketing

  • Improve your e-mail open and click through rate.
  • Use our e-mail platform for sending highly effective e-mail campaign with embedded Vspagy PI video.
  • Vspagy offers highly user-friendly interface for sending thousands of e-mails on the go.
  • Robust and reliable API for swift integration with any of your application.
  • E-mail channel analytics is available to further improve the customer experience.
  • List Management
  • Merge Tags
  • Template Management
  • Autoresponders
  • A-B Testing
  • WYSWYG Editor
  • Analytics and Reports

Video Messaging:

Boost effectiveness of your SMS campaigns with Vspagy PI videos.

Vspagy flexible and robust APIs can integrate with any of your present SMS service provider

Vspagy PI Videos as part of the SMS campaigns increases its success by 5X draw your customer attention with highly personalized video short link in SMS text. We offer robust and enterprise grade highly secured APIs for rendering PI videos on SMS.

We support template management, scheduling, mobile number blacklisting, comprehensive SMS channel analytics for efficient campaign.

Supported features like Template Management, Rich APIs, Reports and Analytics , Short URL, Scheduling, Blacklisting

Video Messaging:

Reach more than 1.5 billion people

With more than a billion daily active users in more than 180 countries, WhatsApp has become a direct, effective channel of communication between your business and your customers.

  • Create personalised content (videos, Gif, PDF, Image and text) on real time and Integrate WhatsApp as a communication layer with your target audience
  • Vspagy flexible and robust APIs can integrate with any of your present WhatsApp business partners
  • Integrate with chatbot and establish meaningful conversation with your customers
  • Through WhatsApp, customers can initiate conversations and ask for support regarding purchase details, delivery updates, etc., which can be shared as Vspagy PI videos.

Video Messaging:
Website/Mobile App

Publish eye-catching PI videos on your website/mobile app for better conversions

Conversions lead to sales. So growing your bottom line means you need to focus on increasing and optimizing your conversion rate. Inserting personalized videos into your landing page or product page, improves customer experience and boosts conversions.

For inbound marketing, your video can have a form for information collection which can be used for video personalization. For return visitors, your marketing automation system can recognize the visitor based on cookies and e-mail addresses and can play hyper personalized videos specifically tailored for them.

Video Messaging:
Social media

Engage with PI Videos on your customerís preferred social channel

Augment your Video marketing strategy with Vspagy PI videos. Surpass your Direct Response and Awareness Goals, communicate effectively to the right audience and boost sales.Create alluring personalized and interactive videos to capture your customerís attention. VSPAGY videos can be published directly to your customerís social media feed.

Starting from scratch or regenerating existing content, our social media integration clears all snags out of Dynamic Video campaigns.

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