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The importance of interactive videos

2021-12-23 15:43:44

Interactive videos are the new form of videos which are being used by brands to engage customers. They help in establishing one to one conversation with customers and have proven to be quite effective way to make customers inclusive.

 The importance of interactive videos is evident from the fact that  68% of marketers believe that interactive videos are becoming very important component of modern marketing mixes and70% of marketers feel that they have the better capability of engaging customers .

 Now what do you mean by interactive videos? Well an interactive video gives the viewer to interact within the video through variety of options like scroll, hover, click, CTA, and other ways to interact with the video content.

There several different ways you can build into an interactive video, some of them are listed below:


  • Hotspots: clickable areas within a video are called hotspots. These are like button and take the viewer to the different section with in the video, like interior of the vehicle, exterior, multiple color options from within the video  
  • Secured Videos: These videos are created specifically for the viewer. They can only be viewed by the viewer they are intended for. In these videos, the video after introduction gets played only after the viewer enters the password, which can be an OTP etc.
  • Branching Videos: these types of videos make the viewer take different paths in order to control and customize the content they see.
  • Data inputs Videos: these videos includes form fields making the user to enter information like their name, age, email-id etc.
  • Quizzes/Survey videos: in these videos, viewers can be asked several questions and input can we taken in text areas, buttons etc. results can also be revealed at the end of the video.
  • Upload/Download Video: these videos can have a functionality of uploading files like photo etc. and viewer can also be provided with the feature to download information like product manual etc. 

These options can be used to create a more interactive and engaging experience, which is more memorable, enjoyable for the viewers which has the potential of even engaging the passive viewer.

You can always ask what the need of Interactive Videos?

The simple answer is interactive videos are becoming a poplar marketing tool. Leading brands are adopting interactive video and are actually reaping benefits. This manifests from the fact that 20% of marketers have already started using it 78% have found that it is very effective marketing strategy. More and more marketers have realized the true potential do personalized interactive and this number is going to grow in future as brands explore different tactics and figure out what resonates best with their target audience.

Consider the reasons why many companies are adding it to their digital media toolbox.

1.      It enhance engagement

2.      Leads to higher conversions and increased ROI

3.      Its trackable

4.      Its memorable and Delights viewers

5.      They make user part of the story

Interactive videos are becoming highly popular because of the way they are able to seek viewer attention. Remember to follow the best practices like designing the user experience carefully and thoughtfully, be entertaining and let the user feel inclusive by playing the part in the brand story.